Our vision is to build a healthy and inclusive environment where everyone in the community benefits from more people cycling.

equality, diversity, and inclusion

We are early in our diversity and inclusion journey, but we recognise the role we play in supporting people of all backgrounds to feel welcome in cycling.

We understand we have a lot to do, and we are committed to ensuring equality, diversity, and inclusion is engrained within everything that we do.

Our Action Plan

  • We are developing staff awareness of equality, diversity, and inclusion through training sessions.
  • We are conducting an external review of our current equality, diversity, and inclusion processes via an auditor outwith Bike for Good.
  • We are gaining a better understanding of our recruitment processes, including monitoring Equal Opportunity forms and assessing who applies for jobs with us.
  • We are assessing the representation of a diverse range of people across our digital platforms.
  • We are having discussions with other Glasgow cycling organisations on how we can create a more diverse and inclusive sector.
  • We are undertaking a review of our supply chain to understand how companies that we are working with are handling diversity in their organisations.
  • We are working on developing new opportunities within our community targeted at under-represented groups of people.

We strive to understand the diverse needs of our communities. If you have any positive suggestions on how to make our organisation more inclusive then please fill in a feedback form.