Our vision is to build a healthy and inclusive environment where everyone in the community benefits from more people cycling.

equality, diversity, and inclusion

We are early in our diversity and inclusion journey, but we recognise the role we play in supporting people of all backgrounds to feel welcome in cycling.

We understand we have a lot to do, and we are committed to ensuring equality, diversity, and inclusion is engrained within everything that we do.

Our Action Plan

  • We are developing staff awareness of equality, diversity, and inclusion through training sessions – in December 2020 all members of staff attended two training sessions on the issue facilitated by an external trainer. We are looking into the next steps to take for the whole team.
  • We have created a Diversity Working Group who met 7 times from August to December, the group includes 10 members from across the organisation.  You can read more about this group below.
  • We are conducting an external review of our current equality, diversity, and inclusion processes via an auditor outside Bike for Good. This will give us a better understanding of our recruitment processes and help us review if our current practices are excluding certain people.
  • We are taking feedback seriously, and have created this transparency document in response to some recent criticism of the organisation.
  • We are ensuring the diverse range of people we work with are represented across our digital platforms.
  • We are working with other Glasgow cycling organisations to create a more diverse and inclusive sector, including creating local cycling ambassadors and providing joint apprenticeships for people underrepresented in the cycling industry.
  • We are undertaking a review of our supply chain to understand how companies that we work with are handling diversity in their organisations.
  • We are developing new opportunities within our community targeted at under-represented groups of people. Specifically, we have applied for funding to diversify our volunteer programme to work with the asylum-seeking and migrant communities in Glasgow.

We strive to understand the diverse needs of our communities. If you have any positive suggestions on how to make our organisation more inclusive then please fill in a feedback form.

Diversity Working Group

Established in August 2020, the group meets once or twice a month to guide Bike for Good towards being a more diverse and inclusive place and organisation. 

the members

Currently we have 12 members in the group from across the organisation; within the group we have a range of ages, genders, and backgrounds, members from the BAME community and the LGBTQ+ community.

Pippa Thomas (Health & Wellbeing Coordinator),
Victoria Leiper (Head of Community Outreach),
Fariha Saeed (Communications Lead),
Karen McGuire (HR Officer)
Hannah Hughes (Skills & Development Coordinator, South Hub),
Greg Kinsman-Chauvet (CEO),
Robin Duval (Cycle Friendly Employer Coordinator),
Matthew Smedley (Chair of Board),
Doug Somerville (Outreach Mechanic),
Colin Freeman (Operations Manager),
Shgufta Anwar (Active Travel & South Hub Lead),
Yingru Li (Board Member)