our history and mission

Bike for Good started in July 2010, unfunded in a small stall in Glasgow’s famous Barras market. We now have two thriving community hub shops in Glasgow, an amazing team of 50 + individuals, and we are changing thousands of lives through cycling.

Our team, includes everyone: volunteers, session staff, employees, trustees, local wildlife and warehouse ghosts. Our team is our most important asset and we commit to taking care and looking after them. We are a flexible and family-friendly employer. Actually, we commit to look after ourselves because we are a self-managed organisation.

“Once upon a time, a little boy called Greg had an accident learning to ride a bike. From this accident, he developed a fear of cycling. He grew big and tall and began a successful career in the corporate world. Until one day, he read about an adult who had learned how to cycle at The Bike Station in Edinburgh. Greg was inspired! He learned to ride a bike at the age of 30, and from then on, cycling changed his life. He started to commute by bike, he ditched reading the Metro, then quit his job. Midlife crisis? Well, maybe. Greg then moved to Glasgow and sold his car and started to volunteer. He had realised there was more to life than being stuck in your car on the way to work for money, without an ethical conscience…”


meet our founder, Greg…



Why ‘Bike for Good’?

Bike for Good, has the following meanings:

  • We refurbish, repair and teach communities how to maintain bicycles; once you have the skills a bike is for good.
  • We use the bike to do good actions: we improve the environment, teach skills, and improve mental and physical health.
  • Once you get into cycling, it is for good – not only summer time!

Vision, Mission and Values

Whether we sell second-hand bikes, we teach you cycle-training or bike maintenance skills, everything we do with our mission in mind.

  • Vision is an environment where everyone benefits from riding a bicycle
  • Mission is to enable people in Scotland to cycle as their mode of transport
  • Values
    • Be approachable – non-judgemental and helpful to anyone and everyone, whether customers, service users or work colleagues.
    • To educate – to advance the education of the public in the safe use of bicycles and their repair along with self/team development.
    • To protect the environment – to protect and preserve the environment for the benefit of all by reducing bicycles going to landfill and by promoting cycling as a means of transport.
    • To improve health and wellbeing – encourage and promote good mental and physical health through cycling.
    • To share the love and passion for cycling – whether you are competitive or casual, share with others how cycling improved your life.

Awards and Recognitions


We have won 23 awards since inception. Our latest and more significant are:

  • 2017 – Workplace Innovation Director of the Year 2016 – Institute of Directors
  • 2016 – Evening Times Community Champions: Health and Wellbeing Award winner
  • 2015 – PWC Social Enterprise Awards, Environmental Initiative of the Year 2015
  • 2015 – Herald Society Awards, Social Entrepreneur of the year award


  • Quality Scotland EFQM Committed to Excellence Award – May 2016
  • Volunteer Friendly Award – June 2016
  • Revolve Re-use Accreditation – September 2013
  • Glasgow Living Wage Employer
  • Simon’s Community Friend of the Street centre – September 2016
  • City and Guilds Accredited Delivery centre – August 2015


  • Glasgow Bike Shed founded – July 2010
  • Moving to Haugh Road Warehouse – October 2012
  • Cycle Friendly Employer centre – May 2013
  • 10 000th bike donated – March 2014
  • City and Guild Accredited centre – August 2015
  • Quality Scotland Accreditation – May 2016
  • Opening our second Glasgow Branch in Southside – May 2017
  • 20 000th bike donated – August 2017
  • Rebranded as Bike for Good – November 2017
  • Successfully launched Edinburgh Cycle Hire Scheme September 2017
  • Moved our growing Southside hub to new, bigger premises – April 2019
  • …First cyclist on the moon – March 2025

“Work is only important because it help us to connect with and impact people”


Aye Cycle Glasgow

In 2019 we helped to establish an online hub for all things cycling in and around Glasgow, a collective of Glasgow-based cycling organisations. This collective is known as Aye Cycle Glasgow, and the website can be found here.