Volunteers play a very important role in supporting our two key functions: refurbishing bicycles and promoting cycling as a viable means of transport. Our volunteers currently support us with: bike rides, cycle training, stripping and building bikes, van driving, administration, the shop floor, and much more! We have many existing volunteer opportunities, and are also open to creating roles for people who bring unique skills to Bike for Good.

Two men are stood fixing a bicycle wheel. They face the camera and are smiling. The person on the left wears a Bike for Good staff jumper and the person on the right wears a red jumpsuit. They are stood in a mechanics workshop next to a black board.







We are happy to support people who want to apply their skills and people who would like to learn new things. We welcome job seekers, people who just want to do something different, and people who simply want to spend time with others who love bikes and the environment. All volunteers receive training and development opportunities and can move into different volunteer roles within the organisation.

A person is fixing a bicycle wheel, with only their torso visible in the image. They wear a blue jumper.






We understand that the success of the Bike for Good depends on our people. We are committed to valuing diversity and promoting equality for everyone at Bike for Good. Competent and motivated volunteers and staff are essential to the success of the organisation and we recognise the varied contributions that a diverse workforce brings to the organisation.

A workshop environment with five people fixing bikes. Two people are stood in the foreground with a table between them, one is holding a bicycle wheel. In the background, three people are stood round a bicycle.






As women and people of colour are generally underrepresented in the cycling industry, we particularly welcome applications from them.

Apply to become a volunteer at Bike for Good

Please note, you need to be at least 16 years of age to volunteer with us. If you are interested in volunteering for us please fill out our volunteer application form. If you have questions or would like help to apply email us at volunteering@bikeforgood.org.uk or contact us on 07514 789068 (Tues-Fri 9-4pm). You can also text or send a message through Whatsapp and we’ll get back to you.

We thank our funders Henry Smith, Glasgow City Council, Bank of Scotland. Agnes Hunter Trust, and the National Lottery Community Fund – Improving Lives for enabling us to offer a higher level of support and training to volunteers who are furthest from the job market.