At Bike for Good volunteers play a very important role in support of our two key functions: refurbishing bicycles and promoting cycling as a viable means of transport. Since our humble beginnings, voluntary contribution of time and skills have been vital.

Our volunteers assist in all aspects bicycle refurbishment, including: bicycle collection, documentation, data collection, cleaning, parts harvesting, partial rebuilding and housekeeping. Volunteers also assist Fix Your Own Bike sessions which provides access to stands, tools, and experienced mechanics, enabling members of the public to develop bike maintenance skills. Additionally our volunteers provide excellent service to community based projects including: (to name a few) Dr. Bike events where our mobile workshops conduct bike repairs; and Play on Pedals teaching infants to ride bikes.

Two men are stood fixing a bicycle wheel. They face the camera and are smiling. The person on the left wears a Bike for Good staff jumper and the person on the right wears a red jumpsuit. They are stood in a mechanics workshop next to a black board.







Our volunteers will receive training for all the above roles. Within a short period of time our volunteers can expect to be confident in stripping bikes, basic bike mechanic skills, and working within a busy workshop environment.  For those involved in our community based projects our volunteers will have developed group work skills, community engagement knowledge, and will improve their cycling and mechanic skills along the way.

A person is fixing a bicycle wheel, with only their torso visible in the image. They wear a blue jumper.






Additionally volunteers will be part of a dynamic social enterprise, widening the participation of cycling in Glasgow within the growing green economy, whilst working alongside a great bunch of people. If you are looking for work experience and an enhanced CV, volunteering with us would be ideal.

Please note, you need to be at least 16 years of age to volunteer with us.

A workshop environment with five people fixing bikes. Two people are stood in the foreground with a table between them, one is holding a bicycle wheel. In the background, three people are stood round a bicycle.






Below in the information box you will find more details on all our opportunities including an indication on which days we need Volunteer assistance. At the moment we are not accepting any new applications, as soon as we do, the online application link will be at the bottom of the page.