a 2-day course for bike lovers wanting to learn the fundamentals of bike maintenance

You’ll learn from our experienced instructor who will guide you through demonstrations and practical exercises.

A man fixing a bicycle/bikeA man is showing another man how to maintain a bicycle chain







“I enjoyed myself enormously and by the end of the 2nd day came away feeling empowered to tackle many of my bike’s niggles from checking and cleaning the disc pads to replacing the cassette and chain. I can’t wait to get started!” Dawn

“As an enthusiast who has been regularly using a local bike shop, I now feel very confident to take on any upgrade or repair/maintenance jobs that will arise with the 5 bikes in my garage.” Walter

What you’ll learn

The Cytech Home Mechanic course will teach you the practical basics of bicycle maintenance.

You’ll learn how to carry out repairs and service your bike yourself and understand when it’s best to take it to a bike shop. 

You’ll learn how to take care of: 

  • Headsets
  • Bottom bracket
  • Drive train
  • Gear set-up
  • Brakes
  • Hubs
  • Tyres & tubes


The investment into the course is £299 for two days of training and an industry recognised certificate. 

“The knowledge we gained will be saving us money for many years to come.” Susan

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What’s the course like

You’ll learn from our experienced instructor who will guide you through a mix of demonstrations and practical exercises. 

The course will have a maximum of six attendees, so you’ll be able to ask lots of questions and get all the attention you need from your instructor. 

You will be taught in a relaxed environment where all the tools and cycles to practise on are provided – so there is no chance of damaging your own pride and joy.

“Paul was an excellent trainer. He had a friendly, patient and encouraging manner and was very good at explaining the technical aspects of bike maintenance.” Scott

Meet Ross, your instructor 

A young man is smiling at the camera, standing in front of a wall with bicycle maintenance tools.

Ross has always loved cycling but started doing work on his own bike just before lockdown. His skills just grew from there. 

He’s now been a bike mechanic for four years and has had lots of experience training bike shop employees, army cadets and university students. 

Ross enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience so others can enjoy fixing bikes themselves. He is a hands-on kind of trainer. He prefers to demonstrate and then let the trainees try for themselves. 

Ross has 4 bikes including a Boardman gravel bike, a fixie and a hardtail that’s a mix-up of lots of different parts. His favourite at the moment is his Boardman Full Suspension mountain bike. One of his favourite trails is one of the world class 7 Stanes mountain biking trails at Mabie Forest in Dumfries.

Is this the right course for you? 

This course is ideal for you if:

  • You love cycling and you want to learn how to maintain your bike with basic tools 
  • You are responsible for looking after your family’s bikes and want to improve your skills 
  • You’d like to teach your kids or grandchildren to look after their bike or are involved in a bike school programme
  • You live in Glasgow or further afield in Scotland or England and want to make a trip out of it (Glasgow is a really fun city!)

“I used to take my bikes apart and not be able to put them back together again or leave them in the shed to rust away. Now I can take those bikes out again and have the confidence to bring life back to them.. “ Alec

“Really enjoyed the course & we had a great trainer. Good pace and each demonstration was clear, given about the right length of information to carry out the task – very helpful and had no concerns to ask for help! Will definitely recommend the course to friends and family!” Anne

A qualification recognised by the cycle industry 







What is a Cytech qualification? It’s an industry recognised qualification. Cytech is the internationally recognised training and accreditation scheme for bicycle technicians. They train bike lovers like you and professionals bike mechanics too. 

At the end of the course, you will receive a Cytech Home Mechanic Certificate.

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Gift idea for people who love cycling

Looking for a gift for a cycle lover who already has everything? A bicycle maintenance course could be the perfect gift you’ve been looking for. If you’d like to buy a gift voucher, please email us at glasgow@bikeforgood.org.uk.


I work in a bike shop already, is this for me ?
No, this is a course for people with little to no experience.

Is there an assessment at the end of the course?
No, it is a relaxed course and is to inform and teach.

Are gears covered?
Yes, gear indexing and other basic maintenance is included like chain replacing.

Are brakes covered?
Yes, basic adjustment is covered.

What can I use this qualification for?
This is a desired qualification for employers and can be used to progress to the Cytech Technical One or Cytech Technical Two courses. 

Where does the training take place?
The two-day training course takes place in our West Glasgow workshop. The address is 65 Haugh Road, G3 8TX, Glasgow, Scotland.

Got a question?

For any question about our bike maintenance course in Glasgow, get in touch with our friendly team at cytech.admin@bikeforgood.org.uk