CCF Gathering 2019

On Wednesday 6th November, Bike for Good team members Lorna and Claudio headed through from Glasgow to Edinburgh to attend the 2019 Climate Challenge Fund Gathering at Dynamic Earth.

The Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) Gathering brought together 200 delegates from across Scotland representing CCF Grant Recipients, local community-led organisations, national organisations, NGO’s and the Scottish Government. It was an opportunity for people from all of these areas to gather and share their experiences of tackling climate change.

Claudio and Lorna presented as part of the ‘Tricky Transport’ workshop category – where they showed people the work that Bike for Good does in Glasgow, filling them in on the history and mission of our organisation. They shared some hot tips on the knowledge our charity has gained in our efforts to get people switching to greener modes of transport (cycling!), and a move to a greener way of living in general.

They focused in on the importance of getting to know your local community, and learning to listen when projects yield pitfalls and successes in unexpected ways.

In the afternoon the entire gathering came together to watch an excerpt from ‘Let’s Go!’, a film made to document and celebrate our VeloCommunities project here at Bike for Good.

VeloCommunities, the 1000th project to receive funding from the Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund, aims to get Glasgow’s commuters out of their cars and onto their bikes to help reduce local carbon emissions.

After the screening, Lorna and Gemma Lawrence from Creative Carbon Scotland were asked some questions on their experience making the film. They talked about learning just as much from the visiting artists who made the film as they did from us. Lorna and Gemma emphasised the importance of creative ways of engaging audiences, and how these means can often be much more effective at advertising the work we do, as opposed to data and stats alone.

Lorna and Gemma answering questions about VeloCommunities


In amongst the presentations, Lorna and Claudio had the opportunity to chat with other CCF funded groups and swap shared stories with various groups and organisations who all had the same ultimate goal at heart: to take action on climate change and spread the word on how we can all do our part.

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