Be Part of Scotland’s First Bike Subscription Service

* UPDATE: this pilot project is now full. * Bike for Good is launching Scotland’s first bike subscription service, a pilot project called ‘Bike for Life’.

Bike for Life is a new bicycle subscription service, that means you pay a monthly fee and get a maintenance-free bike in your size. 

No hassle, no booking appointments with mechanics, no worrying about the cost of parts if things go wrong.

Bike ownership without any hassle

With a Bike for Life subscription, you’ll get to own a bike without any hassle. You will get a bike fitted in your size and ready to go, fully equipped with lights, locks, mudguards, and a rack. A subscription entitles you to your very own bike mechanic, with a targeted 24 hour window for repairs or replacement (excluding Sundays). There will be no spend on maintenance or parts for you.

Join Bike for Life pilot scheme

Right now we’re looking for participants over 18 years of age to join our three-month pilot scheme.

  • We’ll give you a FREE bike helmet to keep.
  • We’ll ask you to pay £10 per month for the 3 months of the pilot phase which is 50% off the projected subscription rate. 
  • We’ll ask you to participate in monthly feedback surveys 


Get around Glasgow with a Bike for Life subscription


What does maintenance-free mean?

Maintenance-free means we’ll fix any problem with your bike, including theft anywhere within Glasgow’s city limits. If you report a problem with your bike, we will aim to fix it within 24 hours. If it can’t be fixed on the spot, we will take your broken bike and give you a replacement one, so that you are never without a bike.

What does being part of a pilot mean?

If you join our pilot subscription service at the discounted rate, you will agree to answer regular surveys and be part of an online video focus group. There will be one questionnaire per month for three months. Each user will be invited to attend a recorded video call at the end of the pilot in January 2021, to help us find out what works well and what needs to be improved or changed for our launch.

Costs for participating in the 3-month pilot

The pilot will run at a heavily reduced subscription rate: £10 per month payable via Direct Debit. We will ask you for a £50 deposit which will be refunded at the end of the pilot or subscription. If you enjoy the service, you are welcome to continue your subscription after the pilot ends.

How do I apply?

The pilot project is now full, stay tuned for more details of the scheme launching in 2021.


This project has been made possible thanks to funding from Zero Waste Scotland and Glasgow City Council.

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