Bike for Good Awarded Wellbeing Fund to Deliver Bikes to Families In Need

We are delighted to have been awarded funding from SCVO’s Wellbeing Fund to support families during the corona virus pandemic.

During lockdown, bikes have taken centre stage. The quiet streets and anxiety-inducing public transport led many to dust off their bikes or purchase one and head out to explore Glasgow – car-free! 

This high demand for bikes has been amazing but we quickly noticed a gap in our services for bike access. While we were able to provide low cost nextbike memberships to individuals on a low income, families with children weren’t able to benefit from the scheme because nextbikes only come in adult sizes. 

“Before we got the bikes my kids were constantly asking for me to buy them one so they could learn but I couldn’t afford it.  I was always having to encourage them to come out for a walk to exercise but they were never that keen. They just wanted to stay in and play in the house. It meant family time outside was often difficult.”

In May, we were awarded SCVO’s Wellbeing Fund, established to support organisations across the third sector that are providing important services to people who are most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. This forms part of a £350 million package from the Scottish Government.  

With the funding we received, we put together a plan to fill in this gap and empower no / low-income families to get cycling together by widening our bike access programme to children. 

A happy family receiving bikes for their children


Working in partnership with more than 15 organisations through referrals, we have provided 36 families with bikes and have a further 60 families on the waiting list. The team has been working flat out to build as many children’s bikes as possible, with a total of 81 bikes refurbished and another 51 to go. 

Before none of my kids could cycle, now they can cycle really well! It didn’t take them long at all to learn. It’s such a change from before where I had to really push them to go outside and exercise, now they are always in a rush to go to the park to cycle. They are happier and more excited after receiving the bikes. Now they can go to the park and cycle with their friends at a social distance.  When I ask my oldest to help with a chore she always wants to go by bike. She is so happy to be on the bike she forgets it’s a chore.  As a single mum it has been such a help, to have happy kids who are excited about exercise and doing something outside all together.”

When we hear from families who have benefitted from The Wellbeing Fund, it shows us that we are directly and positively affecting lives during the pandemic, and hopefully inspiring a new generation of tiny cyclists!

A lovely thank-you card we received from kids who received a bike from us


A big thanks to our partners who have been so supportive and enabled people most in need to access a bike:

Central & West Integration Network, Allander Surgery, Rosehill Housing Association, Queens Cross Housing Association, NSPCC, Unity Centre, Urban Roots, Shettleston Housing Association, Easterhouse Phoenix Centre, Scottish Guardianship Service, Maryhill Housing Association, Govan Community Project, Plenshin Court Children’s Unit Glasgow, Residential Care – Social work Services, Southside Women’s Health Network and the Somali Association. 

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