Everyday Cycling Heroes: Bobby-Jo

Suffering from social anxiety, Bobby-Jo had dropped out of college and was fearful of spending time socialising with friends and people she didn’t know.

Even though she had no previous cycle maintenance experience, and was afraid of riding a bike, Bobby-Jo was able to access the Change Cycle course at Bike for Good. 

We partner with The Venture trust to deliver the three-week Change Cycle course for young people aged 16-24 who have left school and are ready to enter the working world. It includes:

  • Bike construction and maintenance including workshop experience
  • Employability sessions
  • Qualifications – including City & Guilds, First Aid, and Health and Safety
  • One-to-one support, mentoring and coaching
  • Development of a personal action plan
  • A short wilderness residential

Bobby-Jo worked with Skills & Development Coordinator Filip on a personal action plan which included gaining a City & Guilds qualification, finishing her CV, and eventually gaining employment.

Learning all about her new bike, from simple maintenance through to her formal qualification, Bobby-Jo says she has really seen the benefits of cycling. The stress she used to feel using public transport has reduced as she now feels confident to cycle as her mode of transport in warmer months. Importantly, being on the course with a group of young people in similar circumstances has boosted her confidence in her social skills. 

The Cycle Change course exceeded Bobby-Jo’s expectations, and in the future she is looking to volunteer at Bike for Good or another social enterprise.

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