Introducing our Safeguarding Officers

Bike for Good now has 4 Safeguarding Officers certified, by the NSPCC. Our Skills and Development Officer Neil attended Designated Child Protection Officer (DCPO) training in August. After the course, Neil decided this would be a role best spread across the organisation, so a further 3 staff attended the same course in November.

Jo, Janie, Hannah and Neil are now our designated safeguarding officers.

The team attended this training to ensure that we are doing all we can to protect the people we are working with, children and adults. The training dealt with a broad range of issues such as how to recognise signs of abuse and neglect, the importance of creating useful, appropriate, and accessible policies & procedures, how to deal with allegations against staff members and volunteers, and ultimately how to ensure we are doing are best to protect the people we are working with.

The training was incredibly informative and gave great insight into the complexities & sensitivities of safeguarding & child protection. We are currently evaluating our current practices and we are rewriting our policies and procedures in light of the training we have received.

You’ll be safe with us at Bike for Good.

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