It’s NOT business as usual

It’s springtime, and our Community Outreach team would usually be gearing up for a busy six months supporting communities all around Glasgow into cycling. We have now adapted our offering so we can all get through this pandemic, safe and cycling!

Limited sales and repairs

Our South Community Hub is open on a Friday and Saturday, with limited staff, for repairs and sales. This is by appointment only and you MUST book online. West Community Hub opening on 5th of June on same operation. Please don’t message us on social media – bookings must be through the button below. If there are no slots, we are fully booked. Please keep checking back to see when we will add more slots, we are working to the best of our ability. Sorry we can’t advise on our stock beforehand, we don’t have the capacity to do this.

Schedule Appointment


Crisis Community Outreach

Though we can’t run our usual led rides, maintenance classes, cycling groups, and family fun days; we can still support our community.

After a team pow-wow, we have come up with offerings to help out during the Covid-19 crisis.

Free nextbike memberships for All Key Workers

Free nextbike memberships and e-bike rides are being given to all key workers in Glasgow to help them get to and from work safely during the Covid-19 outbreak. If anyone needs help in hiring a nextbike please call 07541640693: at Bike for Good we have a team of nextbike experts that can help you out. Please read more here. We are experiencing high demand for loan bikes (see below) so we ask that if you live nearby a nextbike station, you first make use of a free nextbike membership. This leaves the below option (free bike loans) available for key workers who do not live near a nextbike station.

Free Bike Loans for Key Workers

If you are a key worker (NHS, supermarket, care workers etc.) and you do not live near a nextbike station, we can provide you with a free loan bike. This can come complete with lights, a helmet, a lock, and panniers. We want to make sure key workers can get around quickly and easily. If you haven’t commuted by bicycle before, this is the perfect time to try as the roads are really quiet. Email to set up a bike loan.

Free Virtual Route Planning

If you are new to riding a bike to work, or if you have had to change your route and aren’t comfortable with it, our Cycle Trainer Gail is providing free virtual route planning on Zoom. Email and she will set up an online meeting with you, to help you figure out the best route for you.

Community Group Delivery Assistance

We are now offering a free delivery service for community groups with elderly or vulnerable service users. The community group provides the care / food / medicine / essentials package, and we will pick it up and then deliver it right to their door. Please email if you are a community group that needs our help with delivery.

Heavily discounted nextbike memberships for those on low to no income

If you are on low to no income and are suffering transport poverty, you can access our Bikes for All programme, that we run in partnership with nextbike. We have moved to remote sign-ups, so you can email or text/call 07541640693 to get set up.

One-to-One Virtual Dr Bike Mechanic Sessions

Are you stuck at home with a broken bike? We are offering a 1:1 video session with a mechanic to help you get your bike back on the road. You will be doing the work on your bike from your own home, but our trained mechanic will guide you through the repair during the 30 minute session. , the cost is £15 or free if you have no income / are cycling to work as a key worker during the crisis.


We hope to add to this list if anyone else needs our support. Take care of each other!

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