Meet the Trustees: Promilla

Name: Promilla Caughey

What do you do for work? I work at the Scottish Business Resilience Centre as their Partnership & Membership Manager.


What is your career background and interests?

My background is in cultivating relationships and developing partnerships with stakeholders across the Government, Civil Service, and the private sector to help delivery strategic objectives.

I have worked for both UK and Scottish governments abroad, in promoting trade and investment in South Asia and the Middle East. My focus in those regions was brand building and developing networks amongst diverse stakeholders to promote Scotland, the UK, and our brands.

Throughout my career I have been involved in causes that help disadvantaged and vulnerable people in society. During the pandemic I set up the Glasgow West End Covid-19 Volunteer Group to help people in my community, and before that I managed an educational skills programme for disadvantaged students. I’m passionate about mentoring and using my skills to help others enter the business world.


What led you to becoming a Bike for Good trustee?

I first met Greg, the Bike for Good CEO, when I was running a leadership course for senior leaders in Glasgow. I loved his passion for bikes and how he was so eco-friendly and green and focused on the planet and helping people. His passion is contagious, and this is what drew me to joining the charity as a trustee.


What does your role on the board involve?

I have volunteered my services in terms of marketing and stakeholder engagement and helping with fundraising. My role as a trustee involves attending a Board meeting once a month and spreading the news about the work BFG does in the community and highlighting any potential ideas etc.


Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

I admire strong women and my friend Karen Kavanagh who is a diplomat with the UK government is someone I admire and aspire to be as she is strong, fair, intelligent and kind. I also admire my mentor Stephen Ingledew, Chief Executive of Fintech Scotland, who manages to juggle so many things and is always full of passion and enthusiasm every time you meet him.


How do you like to spend your free time?

I love staying fit and active and currently do yoga at home and British Military fitness in Kelvingrove park and Spinning at Boiler Room Fitness. I also love cooking and entertaining friends.


What is something you would like people to know about cycling?

Cycling is a great exercise, and you get to see sights you might not have noticed before in your city. Organisations such as Bike for Good are there to help you get rid of any fears you may have about cycling on the road.


Favourite book and podcast? 

My favourite book is Change Your Words, Change Your World by Andrea Gardner and any podcasts by Dr Ranjan Chatterjee or Deliciously Ella.


One thing you couldn’t live without?

A hot cup of fresh ginger tea.


Do you do any volunteering? Are there any other causes or charities you would like to highlight?

Alongside volunteering at Save the Children I also give my time to Changing the Chemistry, our aim is to increase diversity on all types of Boards, as evidence shows that increasing board diversity improves the performance of organisations and can thereby also benefit the wider economy.


Thank you to Promilla for gifting her time and expertise to the Bike for Good Board of Trustees. You can find Promilla on Linkedin here.

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