More Than Just A Bike Shop

Yes, we sell bikes.

But we are more than just a bike shop.

We collect bike donations from all over the city of Glasgow. If you live within a 5 mile radius of one of our shops, a lovely volunteers will come and pick up your unwanted bike during our collection rounds. Otherwise, you can bring old bikes into the shop yourself at any time. We do this to stop unwanted bikes going to landfill. It’s much better for the environment, and it means that someone else can benefit from the donated bike. 

Next, the bikes go to our team of professional mechanics and bike builders who give them a check over. If the donated bike is suitable, it is serviced and repaired and put out to our shop floor for sale. If the bike is not in good enough condition to resell, we salvage usable parts and components from the bike in order to fix up other bikes. All bikes on the shop floor come with a 3-month mechanical warranty. This is because we want to give our customers peace of mind that even though their bike might be ‘second-hand’, it has been refurbished to a quality standard that we are proud of. 

Bike for Good West Community Hub


Both our shops are Revolve-accredited, which means we are part of a regulated network of shops who sell second-hand goods in Scotland. Our products are held to a quality standard, and customers can trust this certification. 

Alongside our stock of refurbished bikes, we sell a smaller collection of new bikes. Additionally, you can buy accessories such as helmets, lights, and locks in both our shops, and we also sell a stock of second-hand parts. It’s true that you can go on to sites such as Am*zon and buy accessories, but we would love you to buy them from us because you would be supporting your local community cycling charity, and putting money into the hands of the people of who need it most. 

Our workshops offer a full range of different servicing options, in case your bike is in need of a little TLC. A basic Tune ‘n’ Tweak service starts at just £35, a Nuts ‘n’ Bolts service costs £50, and full Kitchen Sink service is still only £90. If you have the skills to fix your own bike, we encourage the use of our FYOB service which costs only £5 an hour at standard rate. Of course, if you get a puncture we repair those often too!

What do we do with our profits? Unlike a regular bike shop, we function as a social enterprise. This means the profits we make from our sales are funnelled into our community projects. We work all across Glasgow, supporting individuals and groups into cycling, to improve their lives. 

Participants in our Wheelbeing project learning to cycle


Our vision is an environment where everyone benefits from riding a bicycle. What does this mean, though? Bike for Good are working towards a world where the environment is designed for people, not motorised vehicles. By riding bikes, we improve the collective health, wellbeing and living environment for everyone. Think how much more enjoyable and liveable our streets would be for parents with prams, for wheelchair users, and for pedestrians (which is all of us), if we embraced a culture that was centred around people, not cars. 

Our three main impacts as a charity are:

? Active travel: we want people to travel by bike because we care passionately about the environment. 

? Health and wellbeing: cycling improves people’s mental and physical health and wellbeing, this is a fact. 

? Skills and development: teaching people how to ride and maintain a bike gives them skills for life. 

So yes, we do sell bikes. But we are more than just a bike shop.

Pop in for a visit, we’d love to meet you. 


Bike for Good West: 65 Haugh Road, Glasgow, G3 8TX, 0141 248 5409

Bike for Good South: Langside Lane, 539 Victoria Road, G42 8BH, 0141 261 1609

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