New Community Space In West Hub

We do a lot of community work for people all across the city of Glasgow. Often we host led rides starting from one of our Community Hubs, run groups of learn-to-ride sessions, or have people coming in and out for cycling lessons.

However, we realised that when people entered the shop for one of our groups, they had no idea where to go. We had some uncomfortable benches at the front door, but they were very far away from all the action.

And so an idea was born!

Our new community space was developed by Karolis, one of our cycling officers. Alongside a group of staff, he coordinated a new community space, sourcing sofas and furniture from local charity shops.

Now we have a cosy and comfortable spot for people to wait whilst their bikes are being serviced, or whilst they wait for a group or 121 activity to start.

We hope you will come and check it out, and if you spot our blonde-haired Lithuanian Karolis, you have him to thank!

Karolis, passionate about cycling and sofas


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