Pilot Launch of Glasgow’s E-Cargo Bike Library

Bike for Good is proud to announce the pilot launch of Glasgow’s first ever E-Cargo bike lending library.

Is your Glasgow-based business looking to lower it’s carbon footprint? We are looking for 15 businesses / organisations to take part in this pilot project.

What is an E-Cargo bike?

An E-Cargo bike is an efficient, low-cost, and zero-emission way to transport goods and products. Typically a bike with a large storage attachment to hold produce, powered by an electric battery.

What does the pilot project involve?

Your business will gain one month’s access to one of the E-Cargo bikes within our lending library. We have various types of E-Cargo bike, each suited to different organisational transportation needs.

We will also offer you E-Cargo bike training, road confidence building sessions, roadside repairs, and tailored follow-up advice should you wish to purchase an E-Cargo bike for your business, including guidance on accessing the Energy Savings Trust interest-free loan for E-Cargo bikes.

If you take part, we would ask you to be part of a case study to highlight the benefits of our E-Cargo bike lending library. This would also be an excellent promotional opportunity for your business.

Karolis expertly modelling the Urban Arrow E-Cargo bike


How will this benefit my business?

Running an E-Cargo bike is much cheaper than running a van, so there will be financial benefits for your business.

Light goods vans account for 25% of motorised transport in British cities, so by taking vans off the road we will see a reduction in road congestion and carbon emissions, and an increase in air quality and efficiency. Vans in the parcel and delivery sector in the UK emit more than 10 tonnes of C02e annually.

Additionally, there are proven benefits for mental and physical health related to cycling instead of driving, so you and your staff can enjoy personal wellbeing benefits.

Alec, founder of local business Trakke, trying out the Omnium E-Cargo bike


This sounds great, how does my business get involved?

This is a tailored service, so we will thoroughly assess your business needs and make sure it will be viable for you to utilise an E-Cargo bike before we make a recommendation.

We are actively encouraging interest from organisations that are black and minority-ethnic owned, and organisations that directly support people in these communities.

Please contact our Active Travel Department, who is leading this project. Send an expression of interest via email to activetravel@bikeforgood.org.uk.


Made possible thanks to funding from The Energy Savings Trust.

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