Volunteer spotlight: Amy’s Experience

'This device is a Braille note taker enabling Braille users the ability to read and write Braille. It is like a Braille laptop as it has things like a word processor and calculator. It is made up of a Braille keyboard and a Braille display. The keyboard allows the user to type using different key combinations to make up letters and numbers. Everything can be typed using just 6 dots! The Braille display is found at the bottom of the device and allows the user to read what they are typing and can be moved using the thumb keys along the bottom of the device under the display.'

We are delighted to share Amy’s first-person story of their volunteering experience with Bike for Good.

Amy has said, “I have been volunteering with Bike for Good for a short time but I feel like I have contributed quite significantly to the organisation. 

My role is around accessibility and I also help out with comms. I am also a member of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion group where I am able to use my lived experience as a disabled person to help shape things. 

One of the first tasks I did was an access audit of the Bike for Good website and I also had a look at Bike for Good’s social media. As a screen reader user, I bring a unique perspective to accessibility and it is great to know that my feedback is valued and is acted upon. I am very passionate about accessibility and helping others become more accessible and in turn becoming more inclusive. It feels great knowing that I am volunteering with an organisation that shares the same values as I do and that they are so positive about promoting accessibility and inclusion across the whole organisation. 

I feel that I have been so successful in my role so far because my access needs have been met and everyone has been so willing to adapt and take on board my suggestions and provide me with the right level of support that I need. I know that it has been a learning curve for everyone who directly works with me but I really enjoy that we are all learning from each other in this process. 

I am excited to see where my volunteering journey takes me with Bike for Good!

Why You should volunteer 

I feel that it is really important to volunteer for an organisation as it feels good to be able to give your time and skills to something and know that you are helping a whole organisation to continue to do what they do. It is also a great opportunity to build upon any existing skills that you may have or learn new skills. It’s important to feel like you are able to contribute to something and this will help to build up confidence and self-belief.”

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