We provided bikes and transport poverty relief to 22 New Scots

We recently teamed up with ISARO Community Initiative who promote social and economic integration for new Scots communities in West Dunbartonshire. Our own mission is to enable people to cycle, as we believe cycling is the most effective and sustainable form of transport that increases our chances for a healthy life and environment. It was a clear match made in heaven & we jumped at the chance to nurture this partnership.
We enabled 22 people to access a refurbished bike and all accompanying accessories such as helmets, lights and locks, relinquishing their need to spend on public transport. We faced a number of barriers in making this happen, ranging from staff shortages, lack of resources, language barriers, deadlines and in regular 2020 fashion, covid. Both organisations had to work extra hard to make it happen, and we couldn’t be more thankful to every member of staff involved.
Assad and Honey Ayash (pictured above) were among those that gained access to a bike through the project. They said: “now we can get around Glasgow and cycle as a family, improving our health and mental well-being”.
As we enter a new lockdown, we are confident that the bikes will help new Scots familiarise themselves with their surroundings and gain all the associated health benefits from cycling.
Emma from ISARO Community Initiative said: “We cannot thank Bike for Good enough. They’ve been so accommodating and patient. We turned this project around in literally 3 weeks and both Bike for Good and ISARO staff put in so many extra hours to ensure the project was complete before Christmas. Fantastic partnership working and I’m looking forward to future collaborations.”
A beautiful end to a difficult year. We hope that the prospects for this type of partnership and relief work will be even greater in 2021 and wish to continue work on projects for those that need it most.
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