Build Your Own Bike – Stephen’s Story

I recently moved to Glasgow to go to rehab. I had my first contact with Bike for Good when they came to Phoenix to take us on a led ride and I thought the people taking us out were amazing. It was really great to see that work being done. I was in re-entry (supported accommodation) when I joined the Build Your Own Bike (BYOB) programme. The BYOB course was brilliant and I totally love the bike I built. I loved the whole process and Filip & Paul who ran the course were just amazing. I knew some of the other people on the course and it was just a great time that gave me a feel for the place and everyone was so welcoming. 

After the BYOB course, the opportunity for volunteering came up. The wonderful experience I had with BYOB made it so easy to decide to be part of it through volunteering.

I’m now there every Thursday volunteering with Neil and we’re fixing up bikes and doing the maintenance. I love using my hands and learning, it’s all really useful for fixing my own bike and I won’t be a headless chicken anymore! The best thing for me is really the people though. It is so sociable and welcoming, and everyone’s so down to earth and they all really go out of their way to make you feel comfortable. I love spending time there.

I’ve seen improvements in so many areas of my life through Bike for Good. I’ve just come to a new city where I’m rebuilding my life & it’s been amazing to spend time around people and without any judgement. It’s definitely helped me to expand my horizons and realise other opportunities are really out there. It’s therapeutic having a space to work on the bikes and feeling like I’m a part of something.

I’ve been telling people who are still in residential how good the BYOB programme is, that there are so many benefits and just no downside at all! I’ve recommended it to everyone. What Bike for Good does is amazing – the outreach, Nextbike Bikes for All, the group cycling, the workshops. The work aligns with a lot of my personal beliefs, around less cars on the roads, social connection for people going through recovery and fitness. It really allowed me to grow as a person.


Thank you to Henry Smith Improving Lives, Glasgow City Council Smarter Choices Smarter Places, Bank of Scotland Reach and Agnes Hunter Trust for funding Build Your Own Bike.

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