Everyday Cycling Heroes: Abhay

Abhay first joined us at our after-school Youth Fix Your Own Bike sessions in 2019.

“I was not as good at bike riding and I didn’t know how bikes worked. When I joined The Bike Academy it made me a lot more confident, and now when I go out I know and I can enjoy riding a lot more because guys taught me lot.”

Abhay went on to participate in our Summer rides and even came on our Bikepacking trip in the summer.

“If something happens to my bike I know what the problem is and that’s the best bit. I’ve been riding a lot more ever since, searching online for the nearest tracks around Glasgow for riding.”

We were able to share the Aye Cycle Glasgow resource with Abhay, so he could identify new routes and Glasgow cycling organisations to interact with.

Abhay with his mentor Filip and a friend


Feeling inspired, he added:

“Now I cycle to school every day and I come to most Youth Fix Your Own Bike workshops. I loved the summer rides, they opened my eyes. I really look up to mountain bikers.”

Abhay told us that he would love to see cycling activities represented in his school. He likes to keep cycling, not only over the summer but also in autumn and spring.

We love Abhay’s passion and he has been a great participant in all the different activities.

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