Everyday Cycling Heroes: Aiden

Aiden first signed up for our Build Your Own Bike course to help develop experience and knowledge necessary for gaining employment.

Before taking part, Aiden had never heard about Bike for Good.

I thought it was a tiny bike shop and not an actual charity. I was amazed at what this place does and the sheer size of it. It got me excited even more to be even part of a course and spend time in this laid back and friendly environment.

Team member Filip worked with Aiden for over two weeks during his Build For Your Own Bike course at Bike for Good West. He taught Aiden everything about his new bike, from simple maintenance through to formal qualification in City & Guilds.

I learned so much. I thought I knew a lot but there is always so much to learn. The course provided me with key skills and confidence to take tools and be able to work on the bike I built myself. I built a brand new bike which I could never afford in the first place. I can get fitter using it in summer but I don’t plan to use it as my main transport because everything is very far and I can’t take bike on a bus.

Aiden is looking forward to improving his health and fitness by riding a bike. He hopes that the skills he’s been able to develop on the Build Your Own Bike course will help him to find employment. Aiden has even been planning cycle adventures and is looking forward to helping friends maintaining their bikes!


Build Your Own Bike courses are designed to support young people to build aspiration, motivation and self-confidence, while also providing them with a low-cost and sustainable transport option to facilitate their journey towards work.

This work was made possible thanks to funding from the Smarter Choices Smarter Places local authority fund.

As a charity, we’re so thrilled to hear that we have played a part in changing Aiden’s life. If you are interested in the Build Your Own Bike courses, please contact hannah@bikeforgood.org.uk

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