Everyday Cycling Heroes: Ashlene

We first engaged with Ashlene back in the springtime of 2019, through the SEAL Community Health group based in the Gorbals.

Bike for Good ran weekly sessions over the course of two months where Ashlene was given a membership for nextbike, the Glasgow bike sharing scheme. With a group, Ashlene was taken on rides around the city using the nextbikes in order to show them all the cycling routes that are available to use, and to re-build their confidence on a bike again.

Ashlene now has access to a bike that she can use daily. Her confidence has increased so that she now feels comfortable to go out cycling with her brother or by herself. In Autumn 2019 Ashlene went out training with her brother and Bike for Good to increase her fitness, with the goal of completing the Pedal for Scotland Challenge

She did it! Both Ashlene and her brother got a great sense of enjoyment from completing this 45 mile  cycle. Cycling has made Ashlene feel happier and healthier and has increased her confidence to get back out on the bike more.

Ashlene has continued to cycle on a regular basis, for the physical and mental benefits. She is planning on going cycling with her young son more, intending to hire a trailer from Bike for Good South Community Hub to tow him around until he can cycle himself.

“Nina, Ali and everyone else who I have engaged with at Bike for Good has been incredibly supportive, helpful and open to me and my cycling needs/challenges. They are people who are truly passionate about what they do and it speaks volumes in everything they offer and provide. I would never have believed I would go from getting my basic cycling skills and confidence back to completing Pedal For Scotland. It was a fantastic, rewarding experience and I am very grateful to Bike for Good in supporting me to take part in it. As a Glasgow resident, Bike For Good is, in my opinion, one of the absolute gems in the city and I plan to stay engaged with their services while I continue my cycling experience.”

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