Everyday Cycling Heroes: Eric

Before being involved with Bike for Good Eric had fairly good cycling ability and had volunteered at the Pop Up events held by British Cycling around Glasgow.

Eric suffered from anxiety, and we met him during a 10 week Wheelbeing cycling course to improve his mental wellbeing. This block course improved his cycling abilities and taught him how to cycle safely on the roads.

The opportunity arose for Eric  to shadow the leaders of the group, and progressed to leading rides by himself to practice for undertaking the Cycle Ride Leader course.

He told us that getting to lead the group rides has improved his leadership, confidence, and communication skills. Eric says that cycling has reduced his anxiety significantly, and improved his quality of life. 

Eric is going to continue leading rides with the help of Bike for Good until he is ready and confident to lead groups by himself. He will also participate in Cycle Ride Leader training so he can gain an official qualification to lead groups. The Phoenix Centre Cycling Club will benefit from having Eric on board as a ride leader and he will help the Club develop different routes along with another trainer.

Thanks to Eric for helping us to lead rides, and putting a great deal of effort into working on himself.


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