Everyday Cycling Heroes: Jo

Before we met Jo in January 2019, she could cycle but was too scared to cycle in busy traffic.

Jo joined our women’s guided bike rides on Thursday mornings, and has been riding with us for over a year now.  

She can now confidently cycle in the city and feels confident to find her own routes. A key thing for Jo has been learning to check that her bike is safe to ride, after taking part in Spokes not Blokes, our guided maintenance class for women and non-binary people. 

Jo has become an amazing spokeswoman for Bike for Good, encouraging her neighbours to bring their bikes to the South Community Hub for repair and maintenance and to join the various led rides we run.

“I’ve really enjoyed meeting all the different ride leaders and the other regular participants. It’s social and very friendly. I’d like to continue exploring Glasgow and visiting interesting places like the allotments, green spaces, holy places, maybe the recycling centre. You never know who you will meet or new connections to be discovered.”

You can watch Jo discussing her time with us below.


Spokes People – Jo from Geraldine Heaney on Vimeo.

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