Everyday Cycling Heroes: Kate

Kate had been suffering from anxiety and depression for years, and found Bike for Good through her mental health support group.

Before coming to Bike for Good, Kate had never cycled before and had never done any kind of volunteering previously. She had a little bit of mechanical experience that she had learned from her partner, but unfortunately no confidence to use it.

Kate engaged in learning to cycle with us, and then took up maintenance classes, learning how to look after her bike and keep it on the road. She even began building her own bike under the guidance of our mechanics.

“It’s given me more confidence and self-esteem… I am absolutely loving it. I’m out at least an hour every single day! I’m feeling so much fitter for it. I’ve given up smoking as well. Haven’t had a single cigarette this year. It’s such a big difference.” 

Kate is really enjoying the mechanical side of her development. She hasn’t yet finished her Level 1 qualification, but tells us she is online everyday Googling how to build wheels and add to her bike. She says she “wants to know everything, now!”.

Once Kate engaged with Bike for Good, her self-esteem and confidence went “through the roof”.  She describes life before, and the years when she struggled to leave the house for weeks on end.

“I wouldn’t even go to my support group on my own, they had to come and collect me. Everyone here [at Bike for Good] is so lovely. I’d love to stay as long as I can or maybe even work here eventually.”

Kate is now keen to bring cycling to her support group. She has ambitions to complete the Ride Leader course and be able to show her group the benefits of cycling that she has embraced so enthusiastically. 

“The team at Bike for Good are so friendly and approachable. It’s a good environment to work in. It makes it so much easier when you have people you can go to, especially when you’re still learning, and no-one has ever once made me feel daft or bad for asking.”

If Kate has inspired you to start volunteering, take up a maintenance class, or discuss other Skills & Development opportunities with Bike for Good, please contact thebikeacademy@bikeforgood.org.uk.

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