Volunteer Spotlight: Meredith

A retired financial analyst, Meredith has become a key volunteer for Bike for Good, always happy to take on new challenges. She volunteers with us alongside her husband Graham.

Meredith, how long have you volunteered at Bike for Good?

I have volunteered with Bike for Good for five years. Not long after retiring, I attended an open day at Bike for Good and met Damian, the [previous] Volunteer Coordinator, who introduced us to the organisation. The range of activities was exciting and as an active cyclist I saw the opportunity to support others in cycling and learning to cycle.

Meredith enjoying the Scottish sunshine whilst out on a ride


Why did you choose to volunteer at Bike for Good?

I was already familiar with Bike for Good through the Better Way to Work scheme at my previous employer. In fact, I had even won an ‘exciting cycling goodie bag’, so I guess this is my way of paying back! The past five years has seen many changes and growth at Bike for Good and I’m proud to have been a part of that journey.


How do you spend your time here at Bike for Good?

One of the first projects I supported was Wheelbeing. In partnership with the NHS, Wheelbeing provided the opportunity for a group of people to develop cycling skills. I assisted a cycle group in Castlemilk until they became self-sufficient. I was also supported by Bike for Good to complete Bikeability training which I have used to provide cycle training for children and adults. I have accompanied Eilidh on her famous yoga rides and supported other led rides; adding to my knowledge of Glasgow cycle routes as I go. There is always back office work to do, so you will often find me in the office deciphering invoices and feeding the accounts system. I feel I have grown with the charity and am now able to offer my services as a sessional worker, as well as a volunteer.

Meredith leading a cycle ride for participants


How has volunteering at Bike for Good impacted your life?

Volunteering at Bike for Good with my husband Graham is an important part of my life. Keeping up with vibrant colleagues and inspiring customers feels more like ‘receiving’ than ‘giving back.’ And there is always the social side – the volunteer appreciation days, climate change film nights, and group rides that we get to enjoy. It is certainly a more welcoming and stimulating environment than I remember from my days of full-time paid employment!


Thanks to Meredith for always being a lovely friendly face around Bike for Good, and offering us her valuable skills so willingly!

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