Change your wheels, change your life.

You might have seen our new advertising campaign across Glasgow city centre, urging you to ‘Change your wheels, change your life‘.

What do we mean by that?

At Bike for Good we are passionate about cycling. A bike is an active mode of transport, and a totally viable way to get from A to B. That’s right, we are all big fans of cycle-commuting. Our team and volunteers come from all over Glasgow, and we mostly use bikes to get to and from work instead of cars, trains or buses.

Benefits of cycle commuting

  • You will save lots of money by not needing to pay for petrol / parking / a weekly bus ticket.
  • You build regular exercise into your day, without it taking up anymore of your time.
  • It can be quicker in rush-hour traffic on two wheels instead of four.
  • You arrive at work feeling awake and refreshed.
  • Your physical health will improve, and the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, late onset diabetes and other health problems will decrease.
  • You slash your carbon emissions by using a bike instead of a car, making Greta Thunberg really happy.
  • It’s fun!


How can Bike for Good help?

  • Cycle training lessons
  • Buy a bike from us (new or refurbished) and accessories (lights, helmets etc)
  • A free bike lending library for those who don’t yet own a bike
  • Free e-bike loans for up to a week
  • Access to the inclusive Bikes for All scheme for those on low to no income
  • Maintenance classes to help you learn how to keep your bike fit and healthy
  • A fix your own bike service for once you get more confident
  • Information on building your confidence and route planning.


Tell me more

Read our handy top tips for cycle commuting, and learn more from real people who have used our services. We are passionate about supporting people at every stage. Maybe you can’t ride a bike yet, or perhaps you are a confident leisure cyclist but have never considered using your bike to get to work / university / the shops. Our community-focused team and professional mechanics want to hear from you!


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