Our Active Travel team is focused on converting car drivers into cycle commuters, to positively impact the environment.

The Active Travel programme is focused on decreasing carbon-emitting modes of travel around the West and South of Glasgow.

We have created an action-packed free package of services and activities to help cycling become a feasible and enjoyable choice for people.

We made this short film which shows some of our work in the community, please watch below!

You can access:

  • City orientation led rides to help you connect the city by bike
  • Community Dr Bikes – we can offer these bespoke at your community organisation for your users to help get them cycling
  • Route planning and Bike Buddies – we will plot and cycle with you on a guided route to and from work
  • Cycling lessons for beginners, and to develop road skills and confidence
  • Family cycling activities
  • The bike lending library – borrow a bike for free for up to a month to get you started
  • The E-Cargo bike lending library
  • Climate change awareness events such as speaker events, car-free – days, film nights and so much more
  • Climate Action Group – join our steering group and help and support people to take action
A large room is full of people of different ages, people are sat on the floor, as well as being stood or sat on chairs. In the foreground young children are eating popcorn out of paper bags. Around the room decorative bunting is hung on the walls.

One of our climate change awareness events, a film screening at our South Hub


Who can take part

If you have even a small interest in commuting by bike, and would like support to begin to cycle for short journeys then we are happy to help. You might not have a bike, or you might be feeling intimidated by cycling on the roads of Glasgow – that’s okay, we are here to support you. You can be an individual, a family, or a parent looking for cycle support for your child – we welcome interest from any curious cycling commuters.

‘My experience with Bike for Good has affected my life so much. I can now easily commute around the city. Yesterday I cycled to Braehead with no problems – I never thought that would be possible for me! … I’m so happy I found Bike for Good and these lessons, I couldn’t even imagine cycling on the roads before and now I cycle everywhere every day.’

Farzane, cycle training participant

Why it’s necessary

Less than 7% of employed people in Glasgow choose to cycle as their main mode of transport, but the average commute is only 8km. Our Active Travel programme was developed to address the environmental impact of this, and to encourage people to choose to cycle for these short journeys instead of driving their car.

A group of people riding bicycles are cycling across a roundabout. The each are wearing hi vis jackets and are in a residential area.

A group learning road cycling skills

eCargo Bike Lending Library

We have an eCargo Bike collection, available for businesses and families to loan. This video is a detailed guide that breaks down the features of each eCargo bike and trailer in our collection and is helpful to know which one you will be suited to.


The activities provided by our Active Travel team are made possible thanks to funding from The Climate Challenge Fund (administered by Keep Scotland Beautiful), Smarter Choices Smarter Places (administered by Paths for All), Cycling Scotland, Esme Fairbairn, Energy Savings Trust, South East Integration Network, Cycling UK and the Big Bike Revival.

How to get involved in these activities

  • Book cycling lessons, bike buddies, and route planning through our website
  • Contact our Active Travel team for information on the bike lending library, E-Cargo bike library, Community Dr Bikes, family cycling activities and climate change action group