The Wheelbeing project is focused on cycling for physical and mental health improvement, delivered in partnership with community providers.

What is this project?

Award-winning Wheelbeing creates 8-10 week courses, in direct partnership with community health or social care providers. The courses are a gentle progressive programme into cycling, and are tailored to each group’s needs and abilities. Most of the users of Wheelbeing have never cycled before, or haven’t cycled for years. We deliver basic courses to support users to build up their confidence, to then progress on to road skills and cycling further distances.

More than that, we want to make cycling a sustainable option for Wheelbeing users. We provide training for the community provider staff and volunteers to become cycle leaders. This way, after the 8-10 block is over, the group can be continued. We also provide guidance on accessing additional funds to buy bikes for the group, as we recognise that users of Wheelbeing may not have access to their own bike following the end of the group.

We also offer 1-2-1 cycle confidence lessons for users of Wheelbeing, anyone who has a physical or mental health condition.

Additionally, Wheelbeing is now proud to be offering a ground-breaking socially inclusive project called Bikes For All – discounted hire to city-wide bike hire scheme for low income individuals. Please click here to learn more about Bikes For All.



Who can benefit?

Wheelbeing is aimed at people in Glasgow who are suffering long-term physical or mental health conditions. We support people to cycling as a tool to manage their conditions, and to gain confidence, enjoyment, and transport options from riding a bike.

1-2-1 cycle confidence lessons are for anyone who is eligible to access the Wheelbeing project. If you are not eligible for Wheelbeing, don’t worry – we can still offer you cycle training.

Bikes For All is for those on low income who would benefit from free access to a bike.


“The group rides I go on have given me a chance to meet new people,get out and about and I feel so much better for it. It gets me up and going on the days we cycle.”

– Wheelbeing participant


Why is it necessary?

Cycling as a means of transport is one of the easiest ways to fit exercise into a daily routine, with proven physical and mental health benefits. Wheelbeing combats loneliness and low confidence, and empowers users with an affordable way of travelling around Glasgow.

We have designed this project for it to be sustainable, by providing training and guidance to funds. This is because over 75% of Wheelbeing users wouldn’t have access to a bike otherwise.


When do activities take place?

Wheelbeing course dates are agreed between the community provider and the team here at Bike For Good. We ask that you reach out to us if you are interested, and we can tailor a programme specifically for your community group.



Where does this project serve?

Wheelbeing is delivered out in the community. We take our skilled and friendly cycle trainers, bikes, helmets, and gear to the location of the group to make it as easy as possible for you to access our support. 


How can you engage with this project?

If you are a community health or social care provider and would like to access Wheelbeing for your service users, please contact our Wheelbeing Development Officers, Nina and Ali.



Our overall Wheelbeing project is funded by Smarter Choices Smarter Places via the Glasgow City Council Local Authority Fund, and the Robertson’s Trust.

Bikes For All is funded by Smarter Choices Smarter Places Open Fund.