Group courses and taster sessions

Our community partner group courses are delivered in partnership with a range of community organisations from the most deprived/isolated areas of Glasgow.

We begin by offering taster sessions to engage the community in cycling, we then go on to deliver a 10 week course of cycling activities where we will teach participants basic cycling skills, show them routes around the city to help them connect services by bike and teach them all the skills that they need to cycle safely on the road in a busy traffic environment. 

From taking part in a 10 week course, participants will see improvements in their mental and physical wellbeing, an increase in confidence and a reduction in social isolation and anxiety.

Along with this we will provide support for community organisations to develop their own cycling hub/club.  This could be in the form of further training for participants so that they can go on to lead rides or supplying things like bikes, helmets and bike storage so that organisations can create their own cycling hubs at their premises. 

The end goal of this programme is to provide autonomy to organisations so that they have all the skills and resources in place to deliver their own cycling activities to their local community.

If you are a community organisation interested in providing this service to your service users, please get in touch with the Health and Wellbeing Team Coordinator, Pippa to discuss options.

A group of people with bikes stand smiling and wavingA group of people on bikes smile towards the camera, one of them pushes a bike with a child in a carrier.

Social Prescribing for Cycling

Our social prescribing for cycling programme is delivered in partnership with Alliance Scotland and their network of community links practitioners (CLP’s).  CLP’s identify patients and refer them to us to take part in our weekly health improvement cycling sessions. 

These sessions are delivered on a 1:1 basis every week over the course of 10 weeks.  From taking part in these sessions, participants will see improvements in their mental and physical wellbeing along with an increase in confidence and decrease in social isolation and feelings of anxiety.  After completing a 10 week course, participants will have all the skills and confidence needed to cycle independently.

These sessions are currently only available through Alliance Scotland’s community link practitioners and no booking is otherwise available. If you would like more information about the Social Prescribing service, please contact the Health & Wellbeing Lead Ali for further information.