This library is designed to provide people in Glasgow with affordable access to electronic cargo bikes. These electronic bikes are designed to carry large loads with a range of both in-built and attachable trailers and boxes, ideal for deliveries used by local businesses and organisations.

We offer a range of e-cargo bikes in different sizes to suit a variety of goods. This video below is a detailed guide that breaks down the features of each eCargo bike and trailer in our collection and how they might match your needs.


Hiring an e-cargo bike

Once you have contacted us, we will visit you to understand which bike is best for you and your storage options. You’ll then be invited to try the e-cargo bike, where we’ll teach you how to safely ride it. Throughout your hire, we offer ongoing support to ensure the bike matches your needs. This includes:

  • A secure lock and helmet
  • Information and advice
  • Route planning and support through the Bike Buddy service
  • Help with storing solutions
  • Cycle confidence lessons
  • Maintenance classes
  • Advice on apply for Energy Saving Trust loan and funding

We currently offer local businesses and organisations loans for up to a month and individuals and families for a week. If you benefit from using the e-cargo bike, you can purchase one through Bike for Good after your loan.

Please note that the loan requires safe storage and must be locked inside behind a door and should not be kept outside. When you make the loan, you will be required to sign an agreement and pay a £250 deposit.