Owned by the employer but available for all staff to use, a fleet of bikes can solve many of your transport needs. Cycling is both time-efficient and cost-effective for shorter journeys. A fleet of bikes, e-bikes, folding bikes, or cargo bikes can be used by your team to attend meetings, travel between sites, and to run errands efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Bike For Good works with many leading bicycle suppliers to offer a wide range of bikes, e-bikes and cargo bikes. We are experienced in fleet provision and can provide advice on solutions to meet your specific requirements. We can also offer ongoing maintenance of your bikes to ensure maximum availability and therefore value for money.

Two bicycles are shown in the foreground in front of a monument outside. The bicycles include panniers with Simon Community Street Team printed on the sides.

A fleet we provided for Simon Community Scotland


fleet maintenance

To get the most from your fleet of bikes it’s essential that they are maintained and serviced regularly. This will ensure bikes are ready and available for users at all times as well as ensuring they are safe and performing well. Knowing that bikes are looked after and are ready to ride will in turn play an important role in encouraging their use by your employees.

Bike for Good offers a comprehensive fleet maintenance service for your bikes. Maintenance can be carried out on-site to remove the need to transport bikes. We can maintain as well as supply and fit any parts required to ensure the longevity of your bikes, meaning you get the maximum value from your investment in fleet provision.

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