There are countless reasons to consider cycling as a sustainable, accessible, and healthy way to commute to work. Cycling offers a range of benefits spanning health and wellbeing, productivity, and the environment.

How we can help you to start commuting

cycle training

The average commute is only 8km, but less than 7% of employed people in Glasgow currently cycle as their main mode of transport. Our Active Travel services were developed to encourage people to cycle for short journeys to reduce the environmental impact of private transport.

We provide cycle lessons, a bike buddy and route planning service for new commuters, and city orientation-led rides.

Our cycling instructors would love to support you to learn to ride or build confidence cycling on the road. You might not have access to a bike, or may feel intimidated by the prospect of cycling on the roads of Glasgow – that’s okay, we can support you to access a bike, build confidence and find quieter routes.

Adult cycle lessons

Our qualified Cycle Instructors offer lessons for:

  • Complete beginners to learn to ride and build confidence in a safe environment

  • Competent riders to develop confidence and learn advanced on-road skills

route planning and accompanied commutes

After taking your start and finishing postcode, we will plan the safest route for you. We will cycle this route ourselves to ensure that it is safe. Afterwards, we will meet with you at an appropriate time and cycle the route with you. We will also stop and explain any difficult points before navigating through.


I used the Bike Buddy service to assist me to plan a route to work. I then cycled the route with an instructor so I could understand the safest way to commute. I know I can contact the Active Travel Team again if I need further support. – Lucy T, a cycle training participant

city orientation led rides

We offer guided rides that can help familiarise you with the local cycle infrastructure and contribute to health and wellbeing. For more information please contact

essential cycle skills resources

We also recommend checking out Cycling Scotland’s suite of Essential Cycling Skills resources which include a guide, an e-learning tool, training videos and access to training to boost the confidence of new or returning riders, giving them the necessary skills to negotiate on-road journeys.