Practical Cycle Awareness Training

Practical Cycle Awareness Training (PCAT) allows drivers of large vehicles to step into the shoes of more vulnerable road users, including those on bikes, on foot and those with disabilities, to provide them with a greater understanding of their needs.

Participants will spend time in the classroom, followed by a practical cycle training session to familiarise themselves with travelling by bicycle, foot, motorcycle and scooter. By learning basic on-road cycling skills, carrying out bicycle safety checks and negotiating road junctions and traffic, fleet drivers gain a better appreciation of the safety considerations from various road users’ perspectives.

The practical element is based on Cycling Scotland’s Essential Cycling Skills programme.

Being JAUPT-accredited, this course counts towards 7 hours of driver CPC (Certificate of professional competence). PCAT also meets FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) Silver requirement S5 Vulnerable road user training.


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