We offer a wide range of maintenance training, and welcome all abilities to come and learn with us.

In line with the latest national lockdown announcement, maintenance classes have now moved online. 1-1 sessions will resume as restrictions ease.

Bike for Good offers a wide range of mechanical training programmes: from teaching children the basics, to empowering everyday commuters with the skills to keep their bike on the road and avoid heavy workshop bills. We have gathered feedback from our customers and made some changes to the courses to suit all abilities.

Classes are now designed to equip you with more specific maintenance skills. We achieve that through a structured learning process with a skilled and friendly bike mechanic.

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Basic Maintenance Class – £35pp for 90 mins

Designed for complete beginners and those with rusty knowledge. Learn to maintain your bike throughout the year, and gain knowledge and confidence to change those punctures on your own. Loaded with practice and plenty of tips.

Course content

  • Component identification
  • Pre-ride safety check
  • Use of maintenance products
  • Removal and replacement of wheels
  • Puncture type identification
  • Puncture repair

We provide all bikes, tools, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for this class.


Advanced Maintenance Class: Brakes – £40pp for 105 mins

Designed for anyone who seeks more confidence in tool handling and understanding bikes. Learn how to look after your cable-operated brakes: make simple adjustments, replace brake pads and refit cables.

Course Content

  • Introduction to brake systems
  • Brake component identification
  • Hands on the brakes
  • Rim brake pad inspection and replacement
  • Disc brake pad inspection and replacement
  • Cable tension and replacement
  • Brake system setup and troubleshooting

Please note we do not cover hydraulic or hub brakes during this class.

We provide all bikes, tools, and PPE for this class.


Advanced Maintenance Class: Gears – £40pp for 105 mins

Designed for anyone who seeks confidence in tool handling and understanding bikes. Understand how the gears work, and how to adjust and look after them. Learn how to replace a worn chain or cassette.

Course Content

  • Introduction to gear system
  • Gear component identification
  • Understanding component function
  • Hands on the gears 
  • Limit screw adjustment  
  • Remove and replace chains
  • Remove and replace cassette
  • Refitting cables
  • Indexing gears and adjusting cable tension

We provide all bikes, tools, and PPE for this class.


One-to-One Maintenance Class

Not confident enough to come to Fix Your Own Bike session? Looking for guidance regarding a specific task? Want to work on your own bike under supervision?

We provide private tuition in cycle maintenance tailored to your needs or specific tasks.

One-to-one classes can be 60, 90, or 120 minutes long.

Classes cost £45 per 60 minutes to have the full, focused attention of a bike mechanic. If you are a couple, we can run a class for 2 for £65 per 60 minutes.

Contact training@bikeforgood.org.uk to arrange


Content NOT included in our Maintenance Classes

  • Hub gears
  • Electronics and Dynamos
  • Hydraulic brakes (coming soon)
  • Press fitting
  • Bike fitting
  • E bikes
  • Wheel building
  • Tubular and tubeless conversion
  • Suspension service


If you have any questions about any of the classes, please contact training@bikeforgood.org.uk