Bike for Good is going through some exciting changes. In our aspirations to flourish and thrive, we have been developing a partnership with an expert leader in fleet maintenance and Dr Bike named Velogik. In addition to our passion for cycling, our two organisations have very similar ambitions and values which we are looking to cultivate further together; our expertise in cycling, our support to our team, volunteers, customers and service users and our love for the environment and will to protect it. This partnership is forming Motion Forward, a joint venture owned by both Bike for Good and Velogik. 

How this impacts our existing services

From June 2021, all of our fleet maintenance and Dr Bike services will be delivered by our existing team but through Motion Forward. Our current team is still your point of contact for any fleet maintenance, fleet provision and Dr Bike enquiries.

Motion Forward’s Purpose

This joint venture will allow us to support and grow the charitable activities of Bike for Good. Thanks to Velogik’s expertise, we are professionalising our fleet maintenance service to:

  • provide instant fleet maintenance reports and records thanks to a bespoke digital tool called Velocare (developed by Velogik)
  • achieve a quality standard certification 
  • provide our mechanics with formal training and qualification to develop their career path
  • develop our services across the UK

Using our services through Motion Forward will help us at Bike for Good to support more people to ride bikes through our charitable activities. 

Motion Forward’s vision

The development of Motion Forward will allow us to support our vision for a city where more people benefit from increased participation in cycling. 

As more and more individuals and organisations embrace cycling for business and personal use, our improved maintenance provision and reporting capability will ensure that bike fleets are available and functional for their users at all times. It will also give us the opportunity to explore exciting new partnerships which further our vision.

Four women stand behind a bicycle smiling towards the camera.

Seven bicycles are situated in a bike shelter.

Get involved with our services for organisations

Please complete our website form if you would like to book any fleet maintenance, Dr Bike or fleet provision services.

We look forward to serving you at Motion Forward!