Servicing labour costs

Basic service – £30

This service is perfect for bikes that are in good condition, have no significantly worn components but require a tune up of the brakes/gears and a safety check. Included in this service:

  • Brakes adjusted
  • Gears adjusted
  • Tyre pressures checked
  • Full bolt check 
  • Minor adjustments to bearing assemblies
  • Chain lubricated 

Standard service – £50

This suits most bikes that are used fairly regularly and require some TLC. Most bikes will fall under this if they aren’t requiring major work. Included in the standard service:

  • Everything included in the Basic Service
  • Wheels trued
  • Drivetrain cleaned, lubricated and adjusted.
  • Wheel bearings adjusted (if possible)
  • Headset bearings adjusted (If possible)
  • Bottom bracket bearings adjusted (if possible)
  • Fitting up to 4 parts (*see exclusions)

*Exclusions/surcharges: Fitting of bottom brackets, headsets, tubeless setups, forks, wheels, hub bearings, internal routed cabling, spoke replacement, brake bleed, mudguard fitted, bar tape wrapping. Removal of seized bolts/components 

Individual/Specific Repairs and Servicing (Outside of general services)

We have the tooling and expertise to carry out an array of different repairs from a puncture repair or brake bleed, through to wheel building and fully customised builds.  We generally charge by the hour for these services at £30/hr (before parts). These could be carried out along with a general service. 

Specific item pricing

Please note that these prices are subject to change, condition of bike and are primarily guides/estimates. All work carried out is based on our £30 per hour labour rate. If a particular job takes longer than usual, the price will increase. For example, jobs involving seized bolts, complex assemblys, excessive cleaning etc.

We will always give you and accurate quote/price before carrying out any work.


Brake adjustment (per brake) £8
Fit brake pads and adjust (per brake) £10
Replace/Fit brake cable and adjust (per brake) £10
Replace cable brake calliper (per brake) £15
Hydraulic brake bleed (per brake (incl. fluid) £15
Fit hydraulic brake system (per brake) £25
Fit disk rotor (Per brake, not full system) £5

Gears and drivetrain

Gear adjustment (per shifter/mech) £8
Fit/Replace gear cable (per shifter/mech) £10
Fit/Replace chain £10
Fit/Replace derailleur/mech £15
Fit/Replace flat bar shifter £15
Fit/Replace drop bar shifter £20
Derailleur hanger alignment £15
Fit cassette or freewheel £10
Fit chainset £15
Fit/service threaded bottom bracket £20
Fit/replace pressfit bottom bracket £35
Replace chainring £20
Fit pedals £5

Wheels and tyres

Fit tyre £5
Regular puncture £5
Hub Gear Puncture £10
Ebike/Chainguard/Coaster brake puncture £15
Replace rear wheel £15
Replace front wheel £10
Hub service (cup and cone) £15
Hub service (sealed bearings) £20
Cone hub adjustment (per wheel) £10
Axle replacement (per wheel) £15
Freehub replacement £20
Fit rim tape £5
Wheel build (not including parts) £50
Wheel true (excl. full retention) £10
Spoke replacement £15
Tubeless setup (not including parts/sealant) £16

Frame, fork and steering

Fit threadless fork £25
Fit threaded fork £35
Fit crown race £5
Cut fork stearer (not fitted) £15
Fit headset £20
Fit seatpost/stem/saddle £10
Fit flat handlebars £15
Fit drop bars £30
Frame or fork alignment check £15
Face or tap headtube or bottom bracket £20
Suspension fork lower leg service (incl parts) £65


Fit mudguards (clip/band on) £5
Fit mudguards (full coverage bolt on) £15
Fit flat bar grips £5
Fit pannier rack £15
Fit bar tape £10

Other services

Boxed bike build/setup £30
Strip bike to frame and parts £70
Hourly labour rate £30