Servicing labour costs

Basic service – £40

This service is perfect for bikes that are in good condition, have no significantly worn components but require a tune up of the brakes/gears and a safety check. Included in this service:

  • Brakes adjusted
  • Gears adjusted
  • Tyre pressures checked
  • Full bolt check 
  • Minor adjustments to bearing assemblies
  • Chain lubricated 

Standard service – £70

This suits most bikes that are used fairly regularly and requires some TLC. Most bikes will fall under this if they aren’t requiring major work. Included in the standard service:

  • Everything included in the Basic Service
  • Wheels trued
  • Drivetrain cleaned on bike (*), lubricated and adjusted
  • Wheel bearings adjusted (if possible)
  • Headset bearings adjusted (If possible)
  • Bottom bracket bearings adjusted (if possible)
  • Fitting up to 4 parts (**see exclusions)

(*) Deep clean charged at £15. Drivetrain removed and cleaned in Rozone parts washer. Frame and wheels cleaned and polished.

**Exclusions/surcharges: Fitting of bottom brackets, headsets, tubeless setups, forks, wheels, hub bearings, internal routed cabling, spoke replacement, brake bleed, mudguard fitted, bar tape wrapping. Removal of seized bolts/components 


Individual/Specific Repairs and Servicing (Outside of general services)

We have the tooling and expertise to carry out an array of different repairs from a puncture repair or brake bleed, through to wheel building and fully customised builds. We generally charge by the hour for these services at £40/hr (before parts). 

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