Punctures and quick/emergency repairs

If you need a puncture repaired, or have a small repair needing done to keep you rolling, please drop by the shop Tuesday to Saturday, 9am – 5pm and we will do our best to get you back on the road.

Examples of quick repairs would be; snapped chains, tyre replacement, wheel truing etc. Unsure if your repair would be considered a quick job? Contact our Workshop team

General servicing and repairs

When you bring your bike in for an appointment a repair mechanic will:

  • Carry out an initial inspection of your bike.
  • Have a quick chat about the condition of your bike and what you’re looking to have done.
  • If possible, give you an estimated price and turn around time.

If a mechanic is not on hand that day/time, we will take the bike and send you a quote as soon as they are available (usually within one working day).

West Hub Repairs and Servicing Assessment

South Hub Repairs and Servicing Assessment

Collecting your bike after repair/service

Once we have finished working on your bike, we will notify you by email or, if you have accessibility needs, however best suits you. You can then drop by the shop Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 5pm. No appointment is required to collect your bike. 

Post repair/service support and bike care

Our servicing is covered by a 3 month warranty and any new parts fitted are covered by their manufacturer warranty. It is common for newly fitted cables to stretch out within a few weeks, so if for example your gears need re-indexed, let us know and we will do any necessary adjustments.

Our repair mechanics

Over the years we have had many different mechanics work for us from a multitude of different backgrounds in the cycling industry. Our current team has decades of mechanical experience with bikes in all shapes, sizes and specialities, from old Sturmy Archer equipped town bikes, through to modern mountain and road bikes.

Repairs and Services Prices

Check how much our repairs and services cost on our prices page.

Book an assessment slot for Repair or Service

For the majority of our servicing and repairs, we work on an appointment basis. This is primarily due to Covid-19, but also to allow us to better manage our workload.

Appointments take place throughout the week and availability is updated weekly. If no appointments are available, please check back later. Availability is dependent on our current workload and the specific days may vary month to month. You can book your bike in for repair/service at each hub below.

Please do not expect that the repair will be carried out on the spot.