Our bike loan service allows anyone who doesn’t have a bike and wants to start commuting to have a free loan for a month before you think about purchasing a bike.

With the bike loan, you receive a pannier bag, helmet, lock and a set of lights, everything to get you started. This is ideal if you are interested in starting cycling but don’t know where to start, what bike to buy or what accessories you need to ride safely around the city. This also allows you to see if cycling suits you before investing money in your own bike.

Francis M (above) is a support worker and has had 3 separate bike loans from us, each time she has had the pictured bike, she says, ‘she has fallen in love with it’. On one occasion, Francis had this bike stolen from her, but she managed to get it back. She uses it everyday to commute to work and has asked if she can buy it from us. We have agreed to this and are supporting Francis with this purchase.

Sisters Tracy and Debbie (below) are both carers and loaned bikes from us until they were able to buy their own. Tracy says:

I had cycled a little bit as an adult, but not using it as a form of transport. I borrowed a bike over a number of months to enable me to safely travel to work and once at work to travel between service users’ homes. I am able to take a break at work now as all my time is not spent traveling between the homes. I feel a lot healthier and I love traveling by bike. I don’t want to give it back. I’m glad I managed to buy my own bike through the cycle to work scheme. I want to continue to use a bike as my main form of transportation. Thank you very much for loaning me this bike and for helping me.

We also offer e-cargo bike loans, suitable for individuals, families and businesses, if you need to transport items in a trailer. See our e-cargo library page for more information, including our available e-cargo bikes.