Through Bikes For All, we provide heavily discounted membership to the nextbike scheme for people of Glasgow on low or no income.

The Bikes For All project offers annual memberships for £3 to the nextbike city-wide bike hire scheme, which usually costs £60. Nextbike are an innovative bike share scheme provider, offering high quality and good value bikes situated across Glasgow. 

Alongside the heavily-discounted membership, we also offer a cheaper hire system:

  • Normal nextbike membership: First 30 mins of rental is free, and every 30 mins thereafter is 50p
  • Bikes For all nextbike membership: First 60 mins is free, and every 60 mins is 50p thereafter

We reason that as long as you are able to keep your commute to within an hour long, you will not have to pay for cycle transport.

Bikes For All is for anyone in Glasgow who is on a very low, or no, income. Typical users of Bikes For All are people suffering long-term conditions leaving them less able to work, the unemployed, homeless or those in temporary accommodation, and refugees and asylum seekers.

We offer orientation rides, guidance on how to hire a bike, and how to cycle in Glasgow city centre. We have instructions for the Nextbike scheme available in many languages. You don’t need a bank card or a smartphone to access the bikes, as we know this can be a big barrier. 

Bikes For All is a partnership between Bike for Good, Como UK, and the Glasgow Centre for Population Health.

Impact so far

  • 414 memberships, 10,253 journeys generated, over 500 sessions and events, 90& benefited staff support to sign up and 15 community partners.
  • 61% of Bikes for All participants were from the most deprived communities in Scotland. 49% identified as Black or minority ethnicity, 26% were seeking aslyum, 28% were unemployed, 42% were women and 9% were homeless.
  • 95% of participants stated the project has had a significant impact on their physical and mental wellbeing. 47% used nextbike to visit friends and family, 33% to access social welfare health services and 33% to access work training or study.


“Now I can move to different places in Glasgow. I feel free and it simply makes me happy! It also enables me to practice road skills and I now feel much more confident cycling on the road and on the left-hand side of the road. I can go to the park for some exercise and fresh air as well as uses nextbike to commute to appointments. And I have also managed to save money not using the bus all the time.”

-Anne Gladkova, Bikes For All user

Why is it necessary?

Bikes For All is a practical and feasible option for anyone living in temporary accommodation/social housing, or are homeless. The discounted membership to the nextbike scheme means you don’t have to worry about the financial aspects of buying a bike, or the logistical aspects of storing and maintaining a bike.

How to get involved

If you are based in Glasgow, and feel that you would benefit from a Bikes For All membership, please contact Aileen:

  • 07541 640693

For any further enquiries relating to Bikes for All, please email our Health and Wellbeing Lead Ali.

On weeks 1,3 & 5 the Bikes for All application sessions are at West and weeks 2 & 4 are at the South.

Dates for 2022 are as follows:

Bike for Good WEST 1.00-5.00 pm

August – 3rd, 17th, 31st

September – 7th, 21st

October – 5th, 19th

November – 2nd, 16th,30th

December – 7th, 21st


Bike for Good SOUTH 1.00-5.00 pm

August – 10th, 24th

September – 14th, 28th

October – 12th, 26th

November – 9th, 23rd

December – 14th


Or call or text: 07541640693


If you have any questions about this, please get in touch.


Bikes For All is funded by Smarter Choices Smarter Places Open Fund.

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