As Scotland’s largest bike refurbishing charity, we take any and all unwanted bikes, no matter their age or condition. However we are particularly in need of kids 24 and 26 inch bikes.

Every bike we get helps support our work promoting cycling, providing training and offering volunteering and other opportunities. By selling affordable second-hand bikes it also helps give everyone the opportunity to get cycling.

Drop-off Donations

As our van drivers operate on a volunteer basis, it is always preferable if you can bring your donations to one of our stores, but if you can’t manage this please use the form on the right to request a collection of your donated bike.

Please drop off your donated bikes between 9am and 4pm, Tuesday to Friday. There are clearly marked donation drop-off points at both hubs where you can safely drop off bikes at a social distance.

We will be in contact to confirm a collection date once a request has been received.

Contact us by completing the below form, or call us on 0141 248 5409.

Select your postcode for bike collection. If your postcode isn’t included we would ask that you deliver the bike to one of our stores.

We will be in contact to confirm a collection date once a request has been received.


We are unable to collect from this postcode please contact us or bring your bike to our store
Postcode is available for collection

what happens to my donation?

Our aim is to re-use as many bicycles as we can, giving them a new lease of life. We have a team of qualified mechanics who are all specialists in refurbishing all the many different types of bicycle.

We sell many of the bikes that we refurbish which helps support our work promoting cycling, and we also often provide bicycles to other organisations, charities, youth groups etc to encourage others to cycle, usually in conjunction with cycle training.

Some bikes that we receive are beyond refurbishment – these bikes often have some reusable parts so we strip them of any useable parts to reuse on other bikes. The rest of the bike is then sent for scrap metal recycling. The only part of a bike we can’t recycle are the tyres, but we’re always looking for ways to use them!