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  • Arrange to meet one to one with other cyclists and cycle together.
  • Share skills and cycling knowledge.
  • Learn new and exciting routes to explore cycling.

Whether you’re a new or an experienced cyclist, Pedal Pals is a great way to expand your skillset, develop confidence and make new friends through cycling.

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If you’re a complete beginner, our cycle training available for all ages is a great way to learn more before cycling with others.

No bike? No problem!

If you don’t own a bike but would like to cycle with your Pedal Pal, read about how you can rent a nextbike in Glasgow, or come along to our Friday and Saturday sales where our staff can help you pick the perfect bike for you.

If you are on low or no income, you could be eligible for Bikes for All, a reduced price nextbike membership. Contact us at healthandwellbeing@bikeforgood.org.uk to find out more.

It’s as much about the social interaction as it is the cycling, we chat the whole way and I love noticing what else we have in common Two people are stood mounted on bicycles in a city park, both people are facing towards the camera. The person on the left wears a black bike helmet, orange scarf and blue top. The person on the right wears a shiny bike helmet, black backpack and t-shirt.

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Thanks to Glasgow City Council for funding Pedal Pals through the Communities Fund.